WireBridge IVR

WireBridge Backbone is a toolkit that works within your existing telephony infrastructure to integrate your wire room call center with the ACI Money Transfer System (MTS). With the WireBridge Backbone toolkit and a new or existing IVR platform, you can easily implement a solution to secure the capture of PIN data and offload significant wire transfer agent workload. The WireBridge Backbone runs secure web service which interacts with the ACI MTS wire system to validate customer Pin data, initiate repetitive wires, perform inquiries, and approve wires.

Product Summary

Enhance the security of your wire room and reduce operational costs by implementing an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution using WireBridge Backbone

  • Secure PIN Validation - caller’s PIN data is validated and the caller’s name and limits retrieved without agent involvement.
  • Verify Repetitive Transfers - key transaction elements may be verified by the customer prior to releasing the transfer.
  • Straight Through Repetitive Wires - fully-repetitive wires are processed without agent intervention.
  • Automated Inbound Verify Callback – customers may list and selectively approve wires pending approval at Verify Callback.
  • Automated Inquiry – customers may inquire on a single wire by TRN or on multiple wires using account number and/or amount range.
  • Encrypted Sessions – Connects to the IVR via SSL and integrates with MTS through encrypted sessions.
  • Call Data Analysis - captures and stores call data in a SQL database allowing wire room and agent performance reports to be generated.